An IVR is on around the clock or whenever you choose. Your customers never need experience another dial tone or busy line again.


First impressions matter. The Black Lab IVR is a great way to make a fantastic first impression, every first time and every time.


Instant access to call logs to review callers, volumes, and selected choices.

Incoming Calls

Free incoming calls -- whether you are a startup and receive a handful of calls every day or an established enterprise with thousands of calls every day. Free.

Missed Calls

Track every missed call, whether it was because you were on the other line or could not take the call right then. Never ever lose a lead again.

Call Transfer

Allow your customers to speak to team members and service agents. Make automated calls with pre-recorded messages as reminders and for lead-gen.


Customize the entire experience to reflect the brand and personality of your company. Write your own script and choose a voice that works best for you.


Our platform is designed to be elastic to support your changing needs, and it doesn't cost you extra. So you can focus on growing your business.


Our solution is 100% cloud-based. Spend ZERO capital on infrastructure. Spend ZERO time on buying or configuring. Sign up and you are in business.